Local Businesses

Local Businesses

Merivale Bowling Centre   (Map) Ask (0) Complain
1916 Merivale Road, Ottawa, K2G 1E8

Phone: (613) 228-9190
Open hours:
Mon.~Thu.9:00am ~ 10:30pm
Fri.9:00am ~ Midnight
Sat.10:00am ~ Midnight
Sun.10:00am ~ 10:30pm

Merivale Bowling Centre has served Ottawa for many years with outstanding service and first class facilities (48 bowling lanes, snack bar, arcade games). In any normal evening, the crowded parking lots tell you how popular it is, let alone weekends and holidays.

The venue is also a family style restaurant with a nice sport bar, clean and spacious. This is a great place for parties, team building activities too.
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