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Local Businesses

Shaolin Kung Fu Centre   (Map) Ask (0) Complain
West: Unit 17, 1884 Merivale Road; East: 1420 Youville Drive

Phone: 613 291-5227
Open hours:
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Headed by Grand Master Minh-Hung Ly, Shaolin Kung Fu Centre teaches self-defense, Qi Qong breathing, proper diet, and spiritual growth. Their students (and teachers too) have won numerous medals in local and international competitions. More importantly, Grand Master Ly and his team are dedicated to imparting not only Shaolin kung fu’s traditional self-defense techniques, but its philosophy of respect, compassion, humility, and perseverance.

Since 1999, thousands of Ottawa students benefited from Shaolin Kung Fu Centre. Both children's and adults' programs are offered here. There are locations in both East (1420 Youville, Orleans) and West (1884 Merivale Road).
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