Local Businesses

Local Businesses

Andy's Snowblowing   Ask (1) Complain
8 Grouse Ave, Ottawa, ON K2J 1R7

Phone: 613-843-7017

At Andy's Home Renovations we provide quality snow blowing services at a competative rate, we have fully equipped Kubuta tractors to clear your laneway with ease. The standard price is 280$ for the season plus HST, long laneways may be charged extra depending on size. If you are interested in our Snow Blowing Services then please check our website.

• Snow blowing (Kubota) and Shoveling
• Walkways and driveways
• Roof top snow removal
• Salt or sand provided upon request
• 20 years of residential snow removal experience
• Family owned and operated
• Fully insured
• Dependable reliable service
• No lawn damage
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